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Diabetes need not be a sentence for life

fruit-berriesNo magic bullet, but a low carbohydrate diet can reverse Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, as witnessed by the sons of Geoff Whitington who got their dad to exercise and diet and reclaim his health. Speakers, including medical experts, at a debate on the effect of diet on Diabetes 2 (run by the Guild of Health Writers), gave hope to sufferers of the condition which has traditionally been considered a life sentence.

Dr David Unwin, Southport GP, changed his approach to diabetes after 25 years, due to one patient who went on a low carb diet and reversed her diabetes. Dr Unwin claimed that he had been prescribing Metaformin for Type 2 diabetes for years, while watching his patients try to cope with side-effects such as abdominal pain and diarrhoea.

‘A patient came to see me and she had reversed her diabetes without my advice or drugs. She thought I’d be annoyed and frankly I was humbled,’ he told the audience.

The GP suggests a low glycaemic and low carb diet to his diabetic patients now – rarely sending them to diabetes clinic, and saving NHS resources. ‘The average weight loss is 8.5 kg,’ Dr Unwin explained. ‘Cholesterol and triglyceride levels go down, and high blood pressure lowers. I tried my best over 25 years and I failed. Now I’m trying something different and people are so happy that they thank me.’

While such change can take a while, Dr Unwin claims that one man reversed his (Type 2) diabetes in 38 days. ‘I had never seen diabetes reversed before,’ he added.

A real life story was presented by Anthony Whitington, whose father Geoff was 20 stone three years ago, over-worked and resigned to a death sentence due to his Type 2 diabetes, atrial fibrillation and high blood pressure. His situation came to a head, when Geoff faced amputation of a foot . He was taking ‘handfuls of pills’ when his sons, Anthony and Ian, decided to save him.

Both of them were overweight too, so they got their Dad cycling reluctantly, and went on holidays with him. In the early stages Geoff was adamant about not changing his diet, so they persisted with the cycling until he became receptive.

All three of them are now positively lithe, with Geoff a slim, fit, endurance cyclist, public speaker and health activist whose Type 2 diabetes has been reversed.
Sadly the health service does not have a policy of advising on low carb diets, so it is for individuals to make up their minds but they need to realise that there is hope. In Anthony Whitington’s words, ‘We have a healthcare system that pays little attention to food. And a food industry that doesn’t care about our health.’

So, thanks to all these people who are out there educating people. Find out more about the Whitington family’s successful story and use their free program to fix yourself go to:

Among the health experts the family met was Professor Roy Taylor, Professor of Medicine and Metabolism at Newcastle University who has run clinical trials which provide evidence of the positive effect of losing weight on Type 2 diabetes.

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