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The NHS needs homeopathy & herbal medicine

Echinacea plant

Echinacea plant

NHS England is proposing to stop funding prescriptions for homeopathy and herbal medicines, as well as Omega 3s. To be honest, if you’re like me, you’ve probably never ever had a prescription for these on the NHS, because doctors aren’t that prone to handing them out.  That’s not the point.  The NHS needs homeopathy and herbal medicine.  In countries like Germany & Switzerland it is commonplace for doctors to prescribe natural remedies for many ailments – Echinacea for colds/flu and other infections; Ginkgo for poor circulation; and so on. So why can’t we be more progressive like them?

It costs a tiny (minimal) percentage of the NHS budget to provide these through the few doctors who are qualified in homeopathy or through hospitals like the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine – a wonderful place that I’ve visited.  The real point is that by prescribing such cheap and efficient remedies it’s possible that a condition doesn’t become crucial and cost the NHS far more money.   It’s my belief that if we adopted a preventative model that embraced complementary therapies and natural remedies, the NHS would save itself millions of pounds and lots of doctors’ time.

A collaboration of organisations representing homeopathy and herbal medicine is calling on all those who support real choice in healthcare provision to take part in a campaign to ensure these and other complementary therapies remain available on the NHS.

Supporters are being asked to take part in the NHS England consultation, write to their member of parliament and sign an online parliamentary petition. Full details of the campaign and how to take part can be found at

Homeopathy, herbal medicine and other CAM therapies are vital for many patients, who have either failed to respond to conventional treatments or are unable to take them because they suffer serious side-effects.

The NHS England consultation ends on 21 October 2017, so act now before it’s too late.

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