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Diabetes need not be a sentence for life

No magic bullet, but a low carbohydrate diet can reverse Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, as witnessed by the sons of Geoff Whitington who got their dad to exercise and diet and reclaim his health. Speakers, including medical experts, at a debate on the effect


Arthritis – don’t give in

At last I’ve found something that appears to be improving my osteoarthritis. I’ve tried all the supplements that everyone else swears by, but what’s making a real difference is turmeric ( a natural anti-inflammatory) taken first thing in the morning. Yes we cook with turmeric,


Why is organic food good for you?

Many people believe that all food should be organic as it always was before pesticides, fungicides and insecticides laced with toxic chemicals were introduced into intensive farming. Instead of which it has often been seen as ‘elitist, expensive’ and its detractors consider it ‘unnecessary’. Other