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Mobile phone young man

Technology wears down finger joints

Arthritis in the fingers, RSI (repetitive strain injury), and carpal tunnel syndrome are all common ailments these days among those of us who have been on typewriters and computers for most of their lives. That’s not to mention bad backs and eye strain.    See  Arthritis


Mercury in fillings banned

I’ve been banging on about mercury/amalgam fillings for years. And some 15 years ago I had mine removed. That was a total of around 16 fillings which were replaced over a period of two years. I believed that they were adversely affecting my health, and


Plastic microbeads in the sea end up on your plate

People power can make things happen and so it is with the banning of microbeads in cosmetics. Following President Obama banning their use in the United States, and Justin Trudeau, PM in Canada, the British government has pledged to ban them in the UK from