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Echinacea plant

Supporting the immune system at difficult times

Health stores are doing a roaring trade at the moment, due to  Coronavirus and that’s because people who know about vitamins and herbal medicines are stocking up. So what are they buying? Vitamin C:  has a reputation for fighting all viruses, and so it’s a daily essential. When

Oulton Hall

A hotel haven outside Leeds

It was a balmy hot day when we arrived at Oulton Hall, an imposing hotel in the outskirts of Leeds, set in beautiful grounds. It’s just seven miles from the bustling city centre but is a world away with rural views as far as the

Echinacea plant

The NHS needs homeopathy & herbal medicine

NHS England is proposing to stop funding prescriptions for homeopathy and herbal medicines, as well as Omega 3s. To be honest, if you’re like me, you’ve probably never ever had a prescription for these on the NHS, because doctors aren’t that prone to handing them

Mobile phone young man

Technology wears down finger joints

Arthritis in the fingers, RSI (repetitive strain injury), and carpal tunnel syndrome are all common ailments these days among those of us who have been on typewriters and computers for most of their lives. That’s not to mention bad backs and eye strain.    See  Arthritis

Photograph by Andrew Youngson

Heads Together to improve mental health awareness

Prince William knows plenty about coping with what life throws at you.  At a recent talk on Anxiety, he said,  ‘The suicide rate among young men in our country is an appalling stain on our society.  Suicide is the biggest killer of young men under 40


Mercury in fillings banned

I’ve been banging on about mercury/amalgam fillings for years. And some 15 years ago I had mine removed. That was a total of around 16 fillings which were replaced over a period of two years. I believed that they were adversely affecting my health, and


Diabetes need not be a sentence for life

No magic bullet, but a low carbohydrate diet can reverse Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, as witnessed by the sons of Geoff Whitington who got their dad to exercise and diet and reclaim his health. Speakers, including medical experts, at a debate on the effect

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One step ahead of osteoarthritis

One Step Ahead of Osteoarthritis, Frances Ive, published by Hammersmith Health Books, available at Waterstones and Amazon. As many as 8.75 million people have osteoarthritis and I am one of them, but I wasn’t prepared to give in to it. I wanted to carry on playing tennis, do


Why is organic food good for you?

Many people believe that all food should be organic as it always was before pesticides, fungicides and insecticides laced with toxic chemicals were introduced into intensive farming. Instead of which it has often been seen as ‘elitist, expensive’ and its detractors consider it ‘unnecessary’. Other